Skischool Mayrhofen WInner 2019/20

All-in-one Packages

Learn everything about skiing during a fun and educational group lesson. Our all-in-one packages include group lessons and 6/7 days of skis, ski boots and poles.

100% English speaking
instructor guarantee
Experienced instructors
Young & Dynamic team
Improve your skiing right at the top of the Penkenbahn

Book our All-in-one packages easily and with a small price advantage!

Group lessons & ski equipment
Only available online!


  • For who?

    Adults and kids

  • Levels

    • Beginner (No experience)
    • Slightly Advanced 1 (1-2 years experience)
    • Slightly Advanced 2 (3-4 years experience)
    • Advanced (5+ years experience)
  • Lesson days

    Kids 5 days (Sunday-Thursday)
    Adults 3 days (Sunday-Tuesday)

  • Lesson times

    09:30 – 12:30 of 13:00 – 16:00 (hoogseizoen)

    Starten op zondag

  • Assembly point

    Skischool Snowsports Mayrhofen
    Penkenbahn Bergstation
    10 minutes before start of the lesson

Austrian Ski Curriculum

  • Green
    • Get used to the ski equipment
    • To slide
    • Braking and stopping
  • Blue
    • Sliding with change of direction
    • Edges and rutschen
    • Skiing with load on the mountain sidesn
  • Red
    • Parallel skiing
    • Use of the skipoles
    • Parallel long turns with the use of poles
    • Parallel short turns with the use of poles
    • Sporty parallel skiing long and short turns 
  • Black
    • Carving and racing carving long turns
    • Carving short turns
    • Skiing on steep slopes
    • Buckels
    • Skiing in Tiefschnee 
    • Freeride 


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    All-in-one packages

     You want to prepare yourself even better for your skiing holiday? Good news! With us you can not only book your ski lessons and equipment, it is now also possible to order your ski pass in advance in our webshop. When you sign up for your lessons or pick up your equipment, you can take the ski pass with you directly. All in one location, and that’s so easy!